Spalted Bottlenose

The heart of this board  is near to my heart.  This is the very first pice of wood that I couldn't throw in the burn pile.   There was something about it.  I must have moved it over 50 times but I never through it out.  Turns out,  it was supposed to be a heart in one of our boards.


Length about 43 7/8"

Width 9-ish"

Wheelbase 37 1/4"


Paris 195's for that prowling look and feel.  


These Wheels: Straight up, these are the highest rebound wheels in the industry. They have been able to achieve higher rebounds in their soft urethanes because of their superior processing equipment and 36 years of experience. In addition, the higher quality of their materials, proprietary formulas, and the optimized method of pouring these wheels enable them to produce the fastest, longest lasting, best sliding wheels in the world.



Type: Long board

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